Galaxy Rise

by Rob Barker

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From the music to the digital artwork, Galaxy Rise exists as project of pure spontaneity.

The Philosophy of this work consists of three Ideals: Purity of the Minimal, Freedom of the Emotive, and Beauty of the Extractive.

A single individual playing a single instrument, a four string electric bass, through a single bass amplifier, improvisationaly played and recorded to a single laptop. This is the Purity of the Minimal.

Galaxy Rise soundscapes are not scripted or predetermined, adhere to no set rhythm or melody or even tonal center, merely pure sonic Texturalism created in the moment, flesh of finger on metal of string, both reflecting and suggesting mood as little as or as much as allowed by the listener. This is the Freedom of the Emotive.

The soundscape textures are a result of stereophonic multilayering of reverb and echo that let shine the rich complexity of the fundamental frequencies and overtones inherent in bass guitar lines and chords, producing an often brilliant dance and mesmerizing interplay of the Subfrequency as if an audible and almost tactile "liquid smoke." It is merely extracting the complex from the simple, the intricate from the elemental. This is the Beauty of the Extractive.

I hope you enjoy exploring these low frequency soundscapes as much as I enjoy sharing them. It is a privilege.

-Rob Barker. 10/01/2014

Artistic inquiries? Please contact Rob Barker (Email: ). All inquiries welcome.


released October 1, 2014

Galaxy Rise is the solo experimental music project of Rob Barker (, who is responsible for all music and all digital album artwork.



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Rob Barker Charlottesville, Virginia

Sub Frequency Texturalism

Immersive low frequency soundscapes created with bass guitar. No synths.

About: Galaxy Rise is the solo experimental project of Rob Barker, applying classical finger style and flamenco guitar technique to bass guitar. Combined with creative use of reverb and echo transforms bass lines and chording into complex, immersive, and haunting low frequency soundscapes.
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